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Finding the Best Tubeless Road Bike Wheels

What Is Important When Finding the Best Tubeless Road Bike Wheelsets

Tubeless Road Bike Wheels
Some people say the frame of a bike is the heart and the wheels are the soul. Upgrading a bike from its stock wheels and going to tubeless wheelset can have a lasting impact on your performance. Tubeless wheels eliminate the possibility of pinch flats, reduce rolling resistance and improve your feel for the road. Finding the best tubeless road bike wheels can often be a daunting task. There is no shortage of opinions and half-baked scientific research across many forums and blog posts about the best tubeless road bike wheelset. The options seem endless, and so are the opinions. We are sure all our customers read endlessly before making a decision on a new tubeless clincher wheel.

Choosing the best tubeless clincher wheel involves contemplating many factors such as weight, spoke count, rim width, rim depth, the hubs and stiffness. We believe all these factors are important, but we also recognize that the build quality makes a big difference. All the best components in the world won’t overshadow a poor wheel build, less expensive wheels if hand built can outperform more expensive wheels.

Another overlooked aspect in the sea of technical jargon about tubeless wheels is the customer service and reputation of the wheel manufacturer. We understand new tubeless wheels are an investment for years to come, and you expect the wheel manufacturer to stand by its product.

Our D’Huez wheel is the top rated tubeless road bike wheelset at It’s common for our customers to put thousands of miles on our D’Huez without needing trued. Shift through our D’Huez reviews and you’ll find remark after remark about our founder’s Sean Lamberts attention to customer service. It’s not uncommon for us to see our customer’s local bike shop mechanic impressed with the quality of our wheels compared to other name brand wheel manufacturer. Here is what people are saying about our D’Huez on

What Riders Say About ROL Tubeless Wheels
I have about 10K miles so far. About 20 crits, 10 road races, 4 circuit races and about 10 hill climbs among those miles. I have crashed on them in a crit and slammed numerous potholes and have yet to true them.

They made my bike look and feel like a completely different bike. Also, I have the opportunity to buy other wheels for a substantial team discount and still stick with the Rol's. I took my bike to my bike shop for a new chain and left it over night. When I came in the next day, the shop owner was asking me all kinds of questions about my wheels. He was shocked at how well they rolled and praised them for living up to their name.

I wanted a wheel set that gave me the best of both worlds. Light weight for spinning up fast and climbing, but with a 23 mm rim and hand built.

Since my local bicycle shop suggested Zipp 202 as a replacement wheelset at a price tag of about $2,700 and the Rol D-Huez wheelset goes for $725 now, my on-line research has really paid off. In fact, when my bicycle shop mechanic put the new wheels on, he was very impressed with their quality and amazed by their lightness.

I’ve ridden the D'Huez 24/28 for a few hundred miles and I now realize there is more to a wheelset than just weight. This is only my 6th season cycling and my first wheel upgrade. I expected some performance jump, but I’m am thoroughly blown away by not only how much my riding improved with the same amount of effort being put in but also how much smoother the actual ride is. I attribute the smoothness to the wheels and also going from a 23mm tire to a 25mm.

When I back off the pace and pedal a bit easier I am going at the same speed I would go on my old wheels. Why is this? The difference in weight is only 75 grams bw old and new wheelsets.

I live in the mountains where the plows and old man winter beat up the roads. Despite countless potholes at speed, the rims are still true.

After one year and 4000 miles of riding, still true as the day I pulled them out of the box. Fast spin-up and rolls forever...absolutely love how they climb!

I bought these 3 years ago and have battered them on our horrible Michigan roads. These wheels are light weight, have low rolling resistance, and have stayed true. I consider them to be, perhaps, the best cycling bargain I've ever run across.

I bought my wheelset in late January, after reading all the positive reviews on this site. Like most reviewers, I spoke with Sean directly. He was very friendly, very informative, and helped me dial in the specs exactly for my 160 lbs. Since then I've put about 2000 miles on them. They are noticeably faster than my 2004 Mavic Ksyrium SSLs.

I purchased these as a do all wheel for a new bike build, and they have stood up very well. I have put 6000 miles on them and only minorly trued them once! I only weight 120lbs

Just like all the other reviews, Sean was a great help when I spoke to him. Told him these wheels would look cool with red nipples, so he threw those on for me and they look sweet!

I had a pair of Easton EA90 SLX's before and these are noticeably faster climbing. Also, when I had a few questions about the wheel set, Sean (the CEO) contacted me personally unlike the lack of response I get from Easton.

I can't believe the level of service from this company. I don't think you will find a better value in wheels anywhere. HIGHLY recommended! Thanks Sean!

After a long search, I bought a set of the D'Huez. They satisfied my need to have a light (but not stupid-light) wheel with quality spec while not breaking the bank.

D’Huez 20/24

$775 - Weight: 1,430g

The D’Huez wheelset combines decades of wheelbuilding experience to bring you one of the lightest, stiffest and sure-footed low-profile alloy clincher wheelsets on the market.

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The D'Huez is a result of our best thinking: at the wheel-building bench, the computer design screen and on long late winter rides. From the hubs' internal parts out to the rim's farthest point, we put everything we had into this wheel, among our most popular new designs.

The D'Huez is named for the legendary Alpine climb that's featured in so many Tour de France battles. Our lively 1,430 gram wheelset lives up to the history and will climb alongside wheels at twice the price.

The D'Huez feature our proprietary new rims and our new lightweight, spoke-friendly hubs. Our wheel builders connect these innovative parts with nothing less than DT Swiss Aerolite spokes, widely considered the lightest, most aerodynamic spokes in cycling.

The wider rim improves tire performance by reducing sidewall flex and widening the contact patch. On these road bike wheels, you'll be more secure in the turns, no matter the speed or the road surface. And if you opt for tubeless tires, with our recommended rim strip and valve, you'll enjoy even more comfort and traction with lower tire pressures, while virtually eliminating flats.

Recommended rider weight limit is 86kg/190lbs.

D’Huez 24/28

$800 - Weight: 1,475g

The added strength and durability of the new 24/28H D’Huez wheelset make it a natural choice for those who demand the lightweight and wide footprint created by the D’Huez’s wider, race proven rim.

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The big brother to the D'Huez 20/24H, we added four more spokes, front and rear, for increased durability and stiffness.

For more aggressive or heavier bike riders and unforgiving roads, the D'Huez 24/28H is a lightweight wheel with all the advantages of our groundbreaking D'Huez rim: wider for improved tire performance and aerodynamics and tubeless-tire compatibility.

Like its sibling, the D'Huez 24/28H features industry standard SAPIM CX-RAY spokes and our own spoke-coddling hubs for thousands of trouble-free miles.

Recommended rider weight limit is 110kg/242lbs.