Finding the Best Carbon Cyclocross Wheel

What is important when evaluating a carbon cyclocross wheelset.

Carbon Cyclocross Wheels
If weight and acceleration are the top priorities for your next cross wheel build, then it’s likely you have made the decision to find a carbon cyclocross wheelset. With so many price points for carbon, riders often overlook the most important aspect of a wheel, and that is the build quality.

Our wheels are hand built in the U.S. and have seen time at the top of the podium at Cyclocross Nationals, leaving little debate about the quality of our wheelsets’ carbon CX hubs and spokes. ROL’s C45 is a mid-depth profile carbon wheel that sheds mud, powers through sand and delivers a smooth ride while maintaining braking power. At 22.6 millimeters, the rim width makes for a surefooted ride. Online reviews have remarked that our carbon is stiff, making it an excellent choice for cranking up vicious climbs. The debate over carbon tubular cyclocross wheels vs. carbon tubeless cyclocross wheels may never be settled, and that’s why we offer both setups. Best Carbon Cyclocross Wheels

CX25 Disc Tubular

$650 - Weight: 1,470g

Hand-built with 2x2x lacing to world-renowned SAPIM CX-Ray spokes, the lightweight and sure-footed CX25 won a CX National Championship in its first year. Whether you’re racing cyclocross or dirt road races, this wheelset is a worthy performer.

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The CX25 is a perfect blend of light weight, stiffness and on-demand acceleration. Hand built with our 390gr alloy tubular rim, the CX25 has just the right amount of profile to add stiffness, avoid mud buildup, and track straight through mud and deep sand. The CX25's 23mm wide rim-bed mates perfectly to all cyclocross tubular tires. One ride and you'll understand why the CX25 is a fantastic choice for the CX rider who chooses not to pay carbon money to get a fast, precise-handling wheelset that can handle the abuse and rigors of cyclocross competition. The CX25 features our own ROL CX 6-Bolt hubs, carefully designed to minimize spoke stress and tension differentials and laced with premium SAPIM CX-Ray stainless steel spokes. Like all our wheels, the CX25 is hand-built to perfection in Denver, CO. 

Build Summary

  • 25mm Deep 6066 T-6 Alloy Tubular Rim
  • 23mm Rim Width 
  • 3D Forged Alloy ROL Hubset Centerlock or 6-Bolt
  • Available with 12mm, 15mm or QR front endcaps and 12 x 142mm thru-axle or QR rear endcaps
  • ABEC 5 TPI Steel Sealed Cartridge Bearings
  • Sapim CX-Ray Spokes - Black
  • Sapim Alloy Locking Nipples - Black
  • 24 Spoke Front - 2X
  • 28 Spoke Rear - 2X2X

“We had been training and racing on a variety of clincher wheels, such as Roval Pavé SL and DT Swiss R1800 with a tubeless set-up. We got tired of pinch flats and the weight and decided to go to tubulars. What a difference when we got our ROL CX25 alloy tubular wheelsets! We noticed immediately when we unboxed them that they were very light weight, spun easily, and came with extra spokes. The finish was flawless. We glued up one set with Challenge Fango's and the other with Tufo Primus tires. We had no trouble gluing them up using just Vittoria Mastik. Our first ride impressions were that we just felt faster! We noticed how well we could corner with them They were stiff and tracked very well. After a hard season of cyclocross racing, including a race crash that resulted in my wife being hospitalized,  they are still as true as when we got them out of the box. We would highly recommend this wheelset to anyone who wants to get the advantage of tubular CX wheels but don't have megabucks to shell out. You can easily afford two sets of these for the price of one set of the competitors and have your mud tires as well as your dry or all-around tires ready for CX season! We not only race on these wheels, but also have no reservations about using them as our daily trainers. They are just too fun to not ride!”     - Richard and Maurine