Volant Alloy Clincher Wheelset

$500 – Weight: 1,660g

The VOLANT wheelset is regarded as one of the best wheels in its class. From its wide-stance 23mm rim to its 3-D forged ROL hubset and DT SWISS Competition spokes, there isn't a set of road bike wheelset packing this much technology and ride quality for $500.

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The Volant is a modern classic: hardworking, lively and reliable. It's a wheelset perfect for putting in long training rides on questionable roads and still quick enough for a spirited group lunch ride or a weekend race. The Volant was our first wheel model and this year we upgraded it with a wider rim for better handling, DT's double-butted stainless steel Competition spokes and our own carefully designed hubs.

The Volant is a popular upgrade wheel — at well under 1,700 grams, it's likely significantly svelter than the wheelset that came on your bike, while offering reliable U.S. wheel building and a wide profile rim for better handling.

The Volant features our smart new hubs, designed in-house to minimize spoke tension differential on the rear wheel. That means you get a more evenly tensioned wheel for reliability. Combine that with the industry's most respected lightweight spokes and you'll be spinning trouble free for a long time.

Recommended rider weight limit is 95kg\210lbs.

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Build Summary

//  Proprietary 30mm Alloy Aero Rim
//  Matte Finish, Welded Seam
//  23mm External Rim Width, 18mm Internal Rim Width
//  Tubeless Compatible
//  3D Forged Alloy ROL Hubset - 9, 10, and 11spd
//  DT Swiss Competition Spokes - Black
//  20 Spoke Front - Radial
//  24 Spoke Rear - 2X2X
//  ABEC 5 TPI Steel Sealed Cartridge Bearings
//  ROL Skewers and Rim Tape Included

Fast, true, bullet-proof. Over 5 years, over 10,000 miles. They've never needed to be trued. I've used my Rol Volants since 2006 for centuries and weekly "social" group rides. These bike wheels are fast and fearless. Uphill, they're stiff and light and climb, climb, climb. Downhill, they run straight as an arrow; no wobble, no wiggle. Just true, straight and fast. They corner like they are on rails. 50+ mph in recent Stonewall Century, without any problem. Rol Volants give me the confidence to let go of the brakes and let the bike fly downhill. - 60isthenew40
I have about 13,500 miles on these wheels. I'm 6-3 & 200 lbs. Never needed truing. Quiet, especially if you regrease with Phil Woods grease. Only problem was 1 of the pawls in rear hub got sideways once, which could have been self-inflicted since I disassembled to regrease in a rush. They simply roll better. Down hills I often pass others or have to sit up & brake. - Dwajam