D'Huez 20/24 - Tubeless Road Bike Wheelset. Alloy, Clincher.

$775 – Weight: 1,430g

The D’Huez wheelset combines decades of wheelbuilding experience to bring you one of the lightest, stiffest and sure-footed low-profile alloy clincher wheelsets on the market.

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DHuez 20 24

The D'Huez is a result of our best thinking: at the wheel-building bench, the computer design screen and on long late winter rides. From the hubs' internal parts out to the rim's farthest point, we put everything we had into this wheel, among our most popular new designs.

The D'Huez is named for the legendary Alpine climb that's featured in so many Tour de France battles. Our lively 1,430 gram wheelset lives up to the history and will climb alongside wheels at twice the price.

The D'Huez feature our proprietary new rims and our new lightweight, spoke-friendly hubs. Our wheel builders connect these innovative parts with nothing less than DT Swiss Aerolite spokes, widely considered the lightest, most aerodynamic spokes in cycling.

The wider rim improves tire performance by reducing sidewall flex and widening the contact patch. On these road bike wheels, you'll be more secure in the turns, no matter the speed or the road surface. And if you opt for tubeless tires, with our recommended rim strip and valve, you'll enjoy even more comfort and traction with lower tire pressures, while virtually eliminating flats.

Recommended rider weight limit is 86kg/190lbs.

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Build Summary

//  Proprietary 24mm Alloy Aero Rim
//  Matte Finish
//  22.5mm External Rim Width
//  Tubeless Compatible
//  3D Forged Alloy ROL Hubset - 9, 10, and 11spd
//  DT Swiss Aerolite Spokes - Black
//  DT Swiss Alloy ProLock Nipples - Black
//  20 Spoke Front - Radial
//  24 Spoke Rear - 2X2X
//  ABEC 5 TPI Steel Sealed Cartridge Bearings
//  ROL Skewers and Rim Tape Included

“When I took these wheels out of the box, the first think I noticed was how smooth and easily they rolled. I now have almost 2000 miles on this wheelset, and they roll just as smoothly as they did that day. I live in the mountains where the plows and old man winter beat up the roads. Despite countless potholes at speed, the rims are still true. If you are on the fence about buying these wheels online, jump off it. This is an excellent build.”     - Anon

“I've had this wheelset for nearly 2 years. Several thousand miles. Texas hill country rider. A few weeks ago I hit the lip at a low water crossing, 40 mph coming down a hill. The back tire blew off the rim and I was left to ride on the back rim and the front wheel intact. The road pitched up and left after the LWC with a rock wall in front of me. Decision time. Feathering back and front brakes, I was able to stop before the wall without biting it. Though the back rim was shredded, the wheel was still true. I was able to remount the GP4000 and ride 45 mi home. THESE ROAD BIKE WHEELS ARE STRONG. Sean and his team did an expert job of rebuilding the wheel to like new. ROL stands behind their wheels!”     - Jim

“I bought these 3 years ago and have battered them on our horrible Michigan roads. These bike wheels are light weight, have low rolling resistance, and have stayed true. I consider them to be, perhaps, the best cycling bargain I've ever run across.”     - Mark

“Stiffness, weight, climbs like a mountain goat and durable!!! After one year and 4000 miles of riding, still true as the day I pulled them out of the box. Fast spin-up and rolls forever...absolutely love how they climb! I ride around the San Antonio hill country on all types of road conditions and 100% satisfied. I just bought my second wheelset!!!”     - jnstexas