C50 - Carbon Tubular Wheelset

$1,350 – Weight: 1,475g

With its wide 22mm rim, the C50 carbon tubular wheelset is as at home in the peloton as it is in triathlon and the punishing world of cyclocross.

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Why ROLWheels

Our versatile C50 carbon tubular wheelset offers world-class performance in a lightweight, stiff, and aerodynamic package making it a clear choice for the mountains and flatlands.

You'll find the Carbon 50 light enough for climbs yet stiff enough to handle the rough and tumble world of criteriums, road racing, and triathlons of all lengths. 

We lace up the carbon rim to our own top notch ROL hubs for maximum reliability, using black Sapim CX-Ray spokes and alloy nipples.

Recommended rider weight limit is 109kg/240lbs.

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Build Summary

//  50mm Carbon Aero Tubular Rim
//  22mm Rim Width
//  3D Forged Alloy ROL Hubset - 9, 10, and 11spd
//  SAPIM CX-Ray Spokes - Black
//  DT Swiss ProLock Nipples - Black
//  20 Spoke Front - Radial
//  24 Spoke Rear - 2X2X
//  ABEC 5 TPI Steel Sealed Cartridge Bearings
//  Includes SwissStop Black Prince Brake Pads
//  ROL Skewers Included

"Over the years I have raced on a variety of alloy and different depth carbon wheelsets. It has always been a challenge finding a carbon wheelset that works well for criteriums, long road races with cross winds, and hill climbs. Last year I purchased the new Rol C50 carbon tubular wheelset and they are now my only race wheels. The 50mm rim depth is shallow enough to allow me to accelerate efficiently out the turns in a criterium race, while deep enough to provide the aerodynamic advantage for road races. And yet the wheels are still light enough for the hilliest of races and rides. The C50's delivered every time at every race last year and I could not be happier with these wheels."     - Mike

“The C50 tubulars were my first set of carbon wheels, and they have been fantastic.  Not only are they a great value, but none of the reservations that I had going in- crosswind performance, braking performance, etc.- have turned out to be the least bit of a problem.  The 50 mm depth is perfect for all around riding; I have a set of pretty nice aluminum clinchers, but I have yet to even put them on my new bike because the C50s are so enjoyable to ride.  They really do combine a stiff connectedness to the drivetrain with a smooth ride that allows them to climb and accelerate quickly while at the same time providing a suppleness that aluminum wheels really can't match.  I would recommend these to anyone, and I don't believe that the performance of these wheels can be matched by anything within five hundred dollars of this price point.”     - Willy