How to Properly Adjust Your Quick-Release Skewers

Hi, I'm Sam Frost here at ROL Wheels. People have asked me just how tight to clamp their quick-release skewers. Here's a quick demonstration of just how easy it is to make a proper adjustment.

Note the position of the lever once closed. It's a good practice to close your skewers this way every time, but very important when group riding or racing to protect against accidental opening from another rider's front wheel.

Initially, you should open your skewer and loosen the nut, thus allowing the wheel to fully seat in the dropouts of your bicycle frame and fork. Once the chain is properly configured over the smallest cog on the cassette, allow the bicycle frame to rest fully on the axle of the wheel.

Now that the wheel and frame are loosely configured as a single unit, allow the bicycle to balance over the wheel while tightening the skewer nut. Close the quick-release lever to its final position and tighten the nut by hand until it's snug against the frame. The camming action of the quick-release lever allows most people to easily open and close the lever when properly adjusted. Notice the slight color change in your palm indicating pressure.

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