Frequently Asked Questions

Are my older ROL wheels 11-speed compatible?

With the introduction of 11-speed drivetrains, many owners of older ROL wheelsets are wondering if they are 11-speed compatible. This depends on the drivetrain you are using, as well as the purchase date of your wheels. For Campagnolo drivetrains, our freehub bodies are directly 11-speed compatible. For Shimano and SRAM drivetrains, the compatibility depends on the purchase date. Wheelsets purchased prior to December 2013 are NOT 11-speed compatible, and will only work for 9 and 10-speed cassettes. Wheelsets purchased after December 2013 are 11-speed compatible, and indicate this on the freehub body. If you are unsure when you purchased your wheels, please contact, or call us at (303) 353-8151.

Are your wheels hand built?

Yes, all of our wheels are hand-built in the United States in our Denver, Colorado facility. 

What is your warranty?

We have a 2 year warranty on any manufacturer's defects.  See more detail of our warranty policy under Site Policies.

Do your wheels come with Quick Release skewers?

Yes, all of our wheelsets come with proprietary ROL QR's. Weight per pair: 111 grams. Please note that wheelset weights listed do not include the Quick Release skewers.

What payment options are available?

Payment options include Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and PayPal.

Will I need rim strips on my ROL “clincher” wheels?

Yes, and to accommodate this, we install lightweight nylon rim strips on all of our clincher wheelsets.

What are your prices for shipping in the US?

  • Domestic Shipping Prices:
  • US Ground, Insured - $30
  • US 2 Day Shipping, Insured - $100

Do you ship overseas?

Yes, but due to the disparate shipping charges between countries, we handle all international orders individually via e-mail, telephone, and Skype. We regularly ship to Canada, Europe, Australia and Puerto Rico. We use US Postal for nearly all international shipments.

The prices below for shipping are estimates only. The actual shipping price will be quoted individually and will be based on the destination country. Dimensions of our wheel boxes are 32" long, 7" wide and 26" tall.
International Shipping Prices (Estimated, contact us for specific quotes):

  • Canada (all parts), USPS International Priority - $42
  • UK and Western Europe, USPS International Priority - $69
  • Asia and Australia, USPS International Priority - $95

NOTE: All taxes, duties, and tariff charges are the responsibility of the customer. Please contact your customs office to learn specifics associated with importation to your country.
Please contact us by e-mail to determine your specific shipping price and feasibility of shipping to your country.

Do your clincher rims have a maximum psi?

Yes, while many tires are rated to over 160psi, we suggest that you not exceed 130psi. Ride quality and traction are often compromised at pressures over 130psi.

What are the recommended rider weight limits for ROL wheels?

  • VOLANT - 210lbs (95kg)
  • VOLANT R/T - 240lbs (109kg)
  • RACE SL - 210lbs (95kg)
  • RACE SLR - 240lbs (109kg)
  • D'HUEZ - 190lbs (86kg)
  • D'HUEZ 24/28 - 220lbs (100kg)
  • CARBON M45 - 240lbs (109kg)
  • CARBON C50 - 240lbs (109kg)
  • CARBON C45 - 240lbs (109kg)
  • MTB29 - 255lbs (115kg)
  • MTB650 - 255lbs (115kg)

NOTE: Roadies and Triathletes exceeding the recommended weight limits on the Volant, Race SL, and D'Huez should consider a higher spoke-count (24/28) build found in the Volant R/T, the Race SLR, and the D'Huez 24/28. A few extra spokes at just 4 grams each will provide improved strength and lateral stiffness. Heavier or more powerful riders require added stiffness for adequate and safe power transmission.

IS YOUR hub Shimano/SRAM & Campagnolo compatible?

Yes, our hub can be prepared with either a Shimano/SRAM or a Campagnolo cassette body, and are 9, 10 (spacer provided) and 11 speed compatible. 

If I break a spoke, do I need to send the wheel back to ROL Wheels?

No, in the unlikely event that you break a spoke, any qualified mechanic can replace the spoke with a standard J-Bend spoke and get you back on the road. It is important however that your mechanic bring the wheel to high and consistent spoke tension. We can provide spoke tension “spec” to your favorite bike shop upon request.

How are ROL's hubs differentiated from others competitors?

ROL hubs are designed and manufactured to ROL's exacting standards. Otimized hub geometry, weight, and bearing sizes and quality are the primary differences. All front hubs employ the standard 2-bearing design and the rear hubs employ a 4-bearing design.  Front is 88g and rear is 248g.  The ROL hubs use a 3 pawl system with 30 teeth.

Do you build PowerTap wheels?

Yes, we offer our Race, D'Huez, and all of our carbon models with the PowerTap G3 hub. Please contact us with questions and for pricing at