ROL Bike Wheelset Reviews

At ROL, we work hard to make sure that our customers are enjoying their ROL wheelsets.  We consider customer  reviews of our bike wheelsets to be the best form of feedback as to how we are doing, how our products are holding up, and if we were able to take good care of our customers in the event there is an issue.  We believe that by staying focused on these areas, our customers will be so pleased with their experience that they will help spread the word about ROL by sharing their experience with others through word of mouth, forums, and other social media outlets.

What Our Customers Say

“After reading the reviews on these wheels, I decided to give the Race SL a try. At this price, it was worth a shot anyway. Well, I must say I was blown away by the difference that made [from my Mavic Ksyrium Elite] on the first ride. Really cool set of wheels, feels like riding an aero bike. I only wished I had switched sooner. I will not ride anything else from now on. The wider rim adds stability, feels like being on rail. Any casual rider thinking about upgrading their Ksyrium should ditch Mavic and try these.” Nick
“I am so pleased with these wheels! I finally got to ride on them this weekend. So much faster than the OEM wheels. These babies climb. I could not believe the pick up in speed from past rides on the route I ran today. Super happy customer here! Smooth, fast, and stiff.” Royce
“Sean, I just wanted to let you know that the wheels are outstanding! It feels like peddling on these things are FAST, FAST, FAST. Any opportunity I get to let others know about the wheels, I'll do it. It was a pleasure meeting you and making the purchase.” Rick
“The C50 tubulars were my first set of carbon wheels, and they have been fantastic. Not only are they a great value, but none of the reservations that I had going in- crosswind performance, braking performance, etc.- have turned out to be the least bit of a problem. The 50 mm depth is perfect for all around riding; I have a set of pretty nice aluminum clinchers, but I have yet to even put them on my new bike because the C50s are so enjoyable to ride. They really do combine a stiff connectedness to the drivetrain with a smooth ride that allows them to climb and accelerate quickly while at the same time providing a suppleness that aluminum wheels really can't match. I would recommend these to anyone, and I don't believe that the performance of these wheels can be matched by anything within five hundred dollars of this price point.” Willy
"Over the years I have raced on a variety of Alloy and different depth carbon wheel sets. It has always been a challenge finding a carbon wheel set that works well for criteriums, long road races with cross winds, and hill climbs. Last year I purchased the new Rol C50 carbon tubular wheel set and they are now my only race wheels. The 50mm rim depth is shallow enough to allow me to accelerate efficiently out the turns in a criterium race, while deep enough to provide the aerodynamic advantage for road races. And yet the wheels are still light enough for the hilliest of races and rides. The C50's delivered every time at every race last year and I could not be happier with these wheels." Mike
“Best high profile carbon wheel for the money on the market!” Chad

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